Crank Crank VrooOm !
3787 miles Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia - whereEVER it is... our passion - is to you to get there, VW bus style !

“You guys care! My 1978 Westfalia camper bus restoration is truly a work of ART. I’m now leaving town! ~ Michelle Taylor, 
                (ex)Paralegal San Francisco
Life on the road
... requires Stylin’ wheels
Earth Spirit VW R&R is a father & son shoppe with a team of, “to-the-final-finest-detail” professional restoration addicts... not a square inch of the Westfalia camper bus is left untouched.  Complete care & renewal nut by bolt.  
Restoration is our drug.
And our rules: are olde skool,
‘If it’s worth doin’, it’s worth doin’ RIGHT !’

Contact: joseph (at)
For the love of Buffet... include your phone # !

It’s not beautiful until it is practical and fully reliable, then it’s BBB = Bumper-to-Bumper Beautiful... now go out and find your next Adventure baby !!
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